Sharing the spirit of Portugal with the UK through honest food, characterful wines and the celebration of cultural stories.





Bar Douro was born out of a love of Portugal where owner Max spent his childhood and where his family business Churchill’s is based. Max's family have been producing wine in the Douro Valley for over two centuries. Max couldn’t understand why Portuguese food & wine was so poorly represented in London and saw an opportunity to change that, opening Bar Douro London Bridge in November 2016 and Bar Douro City in January 2020. 

OUR Team


Not all of our team are Portuguese but they are all passionate about Portugal. Our Operations Manager Sol fell in love with Portuguese wines, learning about Portugal's varied wine regions and native grape varieties. She is now one of the most knowledgeable people about Portuguese wine in the UK. As a team we scrutinise the authenticity of our offering making sure that our menu and wine list do justice to Portugal’s rich culture. Our Executive chef Neuza monitors the kitchen's authenticity scale; analysing the origins of a dish, the history of flavours and the traditions of each region. 




team members


OUR values

Passion — Everything we do is fuelled by our passion for Portugal, this motive is shared by our employees, suppliers and local producers 


Authenticity — We offer our customers access to authentic Portuguese flavours, dishes and wines which they are unable to get elsewhere in the UK


Community — We aspire to be the ultimate platform for Portugal that is accessible for all; we want to bring together a community of like minded individuals who share a love of Portugal


Exploration — We offer our customers the opportunity to discover Portugal’s diverse regions, exploring new flavours, native grape varieties and cultural stories